Chic Works

Sales & Marketing Software for Your Business

Chic Works is a web-based, business software that can manage the entire back end of the sales and marketing of your business. Chic Works allows you to have one dashboard with one log-in that gets you access to all of your sales and marketing tools in one place. Chic Works allows you to send html or plain text trackable emails, keep track of all of your contacts through the CRM functionality, allows customers to register for events and purchase from your website and manage your social media all in one place. It is a very robust software that makes running your business seamless and efficient. Chic Works, powered by Chic CEO is an asset to any small to medium sized business and available for one low price based on the number of contacts you have. Sign up for your free 15 day trial to see all of the functionality first hand!


Chic Works Key Features

Everything a business needs in order to maximize its operations are finally consolidated into one place. All of the features available are accessible from one screen, making this an easy-to-use, feature-packed solution for small business management.

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